My new Ali!

  1. I got it about 6 hours ago..I'm so in love! :yahoo:I've been in lust with the Ali for about 6 months now, so I've been pretty patient.

    I don't have to worry about the turnlock, right? I bought it without having any information on the earlier batch of bags with the defective turnlocks. I figure I'm in the clear, though.
    Coach Ali 002.jpg Coach Ali 001.jpg Coach Ali 003.jpg Coach Ali 004.jpg Coach Ali 005.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Congrats on your new bag. From what I have heard the turnlock problem is resolved.
  3. Congratz!!! It must feel great to finally have it in your hands! :p
  4. GORGEOUS!!!

    That lining is TDF!!!!
  5. oooooo ahhhhh
  6. ahhh congrats!! its so pretty!! :smile:
  7. Wonderful! Enjoy her. I have black and white. Contemplating whiskey!
  8. Great bag!!!! Enjoy her!!!
  9. Gorgeous bag!
  10. What a yummy bag! Congratulations and enjoy!
  11. That is a great looking bag. The Whiskey colored Legacy bags were always the one that caught my eye!!! Love it! congrats.
    jealous! :smile: hehe i want an ALi soooo bad in whiskey or black MAN! one day she will be mine! hehe

    congrads she is amazing!
  13. I just LOVE the whiskey color on any bag!:heart:
  14. so pretty! :heart:
  15. lovely and CLASSIC! Enjoy her!