My new agenda!! Pics!

  1. Ok so my hubby :heart: bought me a agenda as a pre-baby gift since i have all these doctors appointments pilling up and was complaing about all the little scraps in my wallet. We ordered it on Sunday and I got a call today saying it was in!! So I thought I would share some pictures of its cuteness :graucho: Enjoy!
    DSC00814.JPG DSC00820.JPG DSC00822.JPG
  2. congraz!
    it's lovely and it's on my wish list too
  3. Congrats!
  4. Mmmmmm lovely colour. Congrats!
  5. Ooooh, the Amarante Agenda. :drool:

    It is so gorgeous .... what a sweet hubby you have.

  6. Thanks! Ya every once in awhile he seems to listen to me, although complaining alot always helps the cause :graucho: hehe.
  7. What a SEXY color to choose! I kinda want one now... :graucho:
  8. gorgeous! CONGRAtS!
  9. I know I love it!! When I first saw the Cles I wanted one, even though I would really have no use for one.. then thought hmm... I wonder if they will come out with an agenda?? then I heard they did and immediatly called the store to find out when they would be geting them here :p
  10. Congrats! That was VERY sweet and it will come in handy!
  11. It's gorgeous, and so different. I love the color, congrats....LV agendas are yummy!
  12. Oh, I want something in Amarante, too! Enjoy your new agenda!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Even though its almost October I was pretty thrilled I got a complete refill put in for free since their clearing out for the new year coming up. I had ordered some cute refills off eBay, but at least now I dont have to wait to use it :tup:

    I used to be a Balenciaga form goer, and then I hopped over here about 2 months ago, and man its been downhill (in a good way) ever since. Ive bought 2 bags and a agenda and am debating between a tonne more stuff... I had no idea LV could be this addicting. I bought a wallet in Feb, but never actually looked at anything else, and now I'm hooked :love:

  15. Wow, it's gorgeous! How lovely of your Hubby, and it'll be a gorgeous reminder in time to come of being pregnant with your bubba. :love: