My new adoptee!!!

  1. YAY! congrats on such a beautiful bag and great surprise too! i love it when the mailman comes with presents!!! :party:
  2. Ohh very nice, but is the pic taken from the reflection of a mirror? the meomi is on the other side! haha, but very nice that the seller included a lil extra gift!
  3. I got the keychain from tobi, Ive been wanting one for awhile, I want to get some jewelry next. The keychains' got some good weight to it. ;)

    I took the pic with my macbook does it look hazy?
  4. how cute...surprises are the best on bad days. hope you day gets better. :biggrin:
  5. I got the Fantasmino keychain from trendystars (just came today)The keychains are pretty heavy. heh.
  6. Ohh, i see! No, the pics look very nice.
  7. what a happy day! and such a lovely bag and cute keychain. i've got the same keychain on its way to me (any day now...) and i think my inferno campeggio is waiting at home for me. are you sending us lucky vibes today?!
  8. Im sending some luck to you telepathically :push:
  9. Congratulations! Love the bag and keychain!:okay:
  10. congrats on a beautiful bag and keychain!!! I can't believe you had to wait 3 weeks tho ... it was worth it :tup:
  11. Yeah I know, it came all the way from Canada and I think it got lost in the mail. I emailed the seller yesterday and I told her that I dont think I was gonna get my bag and to just refund me my $$$. Thank god it came today! I just cant stop looking at it, (thats how I am when I get a new bag)!:drool:
  12. love the extra lil surprise!!!!
  13. Pretty heavy as in good or bad? Does it look like it can hold up a while?
  14. heavy as in weight