My new additions :)

  1. I've been busy for the past three weeks! I have a few new additions that I thought I would share, including my new obsession with Peppermint vernis. I have also included an updated collection pic. Thanks for looking!

    New additions:
    new additions.JPG

    Peppermint vernis pieces:

    Collection pic:
  2. Nice collection!
  3. :nuts: :nuts: They're all gorgeous! Love you Peppermint vernis and the Vanilla Epi is TDF:love:
  4. I love your new additions!!!:yahoo: The peppermint Vernis and Cerise Speedy are beautiful!!!:love: Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely collection!:flowers:
  5. Your new additions are STUNNING!!!:love: GREAT updated collection pic!!!
  6. the vanilla epi is quite yummy
  7. GREAT collection!!! I absolutely LOVE your vanilla epi speedy!!!:love: :love:
  8. omg....I love your pieces, they're all so pretty and colorful!!!

    and peppermint pieces are beautiful!!!
  9. Gorgeous! Wow, I love that peppermint!
  10. i love your new LV collection!!! Did you get it all in 3 weeks?
  11. Hey I actually was thinking of bidding on the key holder but you won in the end. Great peppermint family !
  12. I love my epi noir speedy, but now I've seen yours :love:...beautiful color!!!
  13. I love the CB cream and red bags and wallet!
  14. What I would not give for the Vanilla speedy!!!!! Gorgeous!
  15. You GO girl with all of your new beauties!! :wlae: