My new additions!!

  1. Hey all! I just got my eggplant first and 04 Lilac city!! :yahoo: YAY! Now all i need is an old green colour....
  2. Ohhh percephonie . . . YOU have MY '04 Lilac-First ??!! This bag is on my "want"-list . . . where did you found it ? Your collection is just GORGEOUS . . . ;) :love: ! CONGRATS ! :heart:
  3. That eggplant is intriguing! I've never actually seen one IRL. You'd think after all these years of pounding the pavement in NYC...
  4. Thanx firstclass1! I found it through a friend.
  5. Congrats! What a beautiful color. And the leather looks so soft and smooshy!
  6. Wow, that '04 lilac is gorgeous! What a great color :heart:
  7. congrats! i loooove your collection! :love:
  8. congrats!!!!!! lovely bags!!! :heart: :yahoo:
  9. congrats!!! they are so beautiful!!
  10. That ink is to die for! I wish I can find mine soon. If anyone hears me...
  11. Great finds! Congrats!
  12. purrdy - :flowers:

    Your eggplant looks to be in great condition. :biggrin:
  13. Thank you ladies :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations!! You have all my favorite colours!!:heart: :heart:
  15. O:huh:OH everyone is finding their most gorgeous dream bags!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :love: