My new additions!

  1. I love them!! Sorry my pics aren't clearer :sad:

  2. Very pretty!!! Great pics too!!
  3. Very nice!
  4. Ty! :jammin: I really like how roomy this bag is compared to my other ones.
  5. Congrats on the new additions. The suede looks so soft and I love that color. Enjoy!
  6. They look pretty clear and awesome to me! Congratulations. Very nice, classic bag and wristlet!

    Remember to be careful with them. They are suede and can get stained pretty easily, especially in the lighter colors. I'd suggest keeping them away from your jeans, since a lot of denim seems to bleed occasionally. Also, when you store them keep them in unbleached cotton pillowcases instead of the usual Coach dustbags I'd say. The managers at the outlet I used to work for told me that sometimes the dustbags bleed onto lighter bags.

  7. beautiful!!! :smile: good buys!
  8. Nice! Love the soho flap, great color!
  9. those are your eBay finds right? they are great!!! congrats!
  10. congrats!
  11. lovely, congrats!!
  12. So Beautiful! They look as soft as a fawn. I can see you really baby your bags-they even have their own high chair!:lol:
  13. Thanks for the advice! I also plan to get some appleguard for them.

    Yes court, they are my eBay finds. I can't believe I got such a great deal on them! crack me up, lol! I wondered if anyone would notice the high chair backdrop.
  14. Nice color! They look great!
  15. Very pretty. I really love the wristlet!!