My new additions!!

  1. After getting my Magenta Weekender I wanted to get another Magenta, so I went for a Magenta day!!:yahoo: I have been looking into getting another day and this seemed like the perfect colour and it is!! I also got a Marigold yellow campagnon and Black purse!!!:yahoo::yahoo: Seeing as I stayed in tonight I wanted to take a picture of all my bags and document the colours.... I can't wait to add the new violet and Jaune!!:heart::heart:
    Magentaday1.jpg TealMagentaDay.jpg NewBabies.jpg
  2. sssssssoooo pretty! ENJOY!
  3. And a messy group shot! (sorry:p)
  4. I had no idea your collection was so extensive. Wowza!
  5. Forgot to add the Rainbow shot!;)
  6. WOW! :nuts: I didn't realize your collection was SO big either! AMAZING! Congrats on your new additions!:yahoo:
  7. I am going to just pass out and die... up my life insurance quick....That is the most gorgeous collection EVER!!!!:love: :love:
  8. Great additions! Congrats!
  9. i love your collection! u really do have colors like the rainbow!
  10. Thank you so much for your sweet comments!:love:

    I thought I should list my current collection for an update:

    Magenta Weekender
    Pale Rose Weekender
    White Courrier
    Olive messenger
    Blue India Work
    Teal Day
    Magenta Day
    Black Purse
    Ice blue Purse
    Greige Purse
    BBGum Pink City
    Black City 05
    Sky blue City
    Indigo First
    Apple Green First
    BBGum pink First
    Lilac First 05
    Rouge Vif Bowling
    Denim/white box
    Rouille twiggy
    Eggplant mini classique

    Indigo boobie
    Black boobie
    White boobie
    Calcaire mini purse
    Apple green mini purse
    BBGum pink mini purse
    Griege mini purse
    Grey porte-monnaie 05
    Pale rose make up clutch
    Marigold campagnon

    Phew...that's it! I really hope my BF doesn't see this list!! I don't think i'll be adding much till the violet and jaune come....I might get a few small accessories to tide me over till then!:yes:
  11. Oh My God! I wanna sleep on these!!!!!
  12. Wow! Congrats on the new additions to your collection! Your bags are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  13. WOW! What an amazing collection! I actually said "OMG!" when I saw your pics!!! Gorgeous! :love:
  14. Absolutely breathtaking:nuts: :nuts: :drool: :drool: Colors,shapes:perfect!
  15. Ummm, WHOA! what a lovely insanely gorgeous collection! :drool: :drool: :drool: