My new additions Lilac & Turquoise <3

  1. Some of you had asked for a pic of my turquoise bag, so I though I’d share my 2 new additions with you!! The First was kept hostage in customs for a long time but finally arrived safely yesterday- just in time for sunny weather- So excited! I adore both colors but am absolutely in love with the turquoise :love:

    City in lilac’04 ~ First in Turquoise’04 - close-up pic. is more true to color:
    turq-lilac.jpg turquoise-04.jpg
  2. OMG congrats I love it!!!!!!:nuts: :love:
  3. WOW they are soooo nice! Argh i want a turquoise too now! Congrats!
  4. Congrats!! They are soooo beautiful!
  5. Hubba, hubba! Such beautiful bags! Congrats. Milena where abouts in Holland are you?
  6. Oh wow, they look so bright and cheery! ^___^ You must be very happy.
  7. both are so pretty. :love:
  8. congratulations on your newest acquisitions! they are both really lovely and i'm sure you will get a lot of use out of them.
  9. Thanks so much ladies! I'm very excited can you tell !!! :nuts: :biggrin: I have to say I was completely inspired to find the turquoise by viewing all the balenciaga pics here--especially fashion-junky's lovely collection! ;) :love:

    Cal, I'm in Amsterdam (hope to make it to the Dutch meeting:smile:
  10. Those are two of my favorite colors. They are TDF! Congrats!
  11. Oh YES ... you've 2 gorgeous, great bbags - enjoy it ;) :love:
    I also have the turquoise in city ..... it's my dream-bag :love:
  12. Great fun colors!!
  13. Congrats!!! Turquoise is beautiful and I prefer your lilac to the newer lilac:smile:
  14. They are so beautiful!!:love: Congratulations!
  15. OMG if you ever want to get rid of that lilac 04 I would soooo love to get it from you! Please keep me in mind. It's stunning!