my new additions. ^_^

  1. I got my '07 clay shoulder bag as my late birthday gift from the bf two days ago and got my star luggage tag in today!! Man, I forgot how HUUUGE the luggage tag is!! Too big for the shoulder bag, so I'll be using it on my white Ali.

    I know my thread isn't as "oooh" and "aaah" as everyone else's strip teases... hehehe. But here's my latest purchases, including the embossed butterfly keyfob and LV inclusion bracelet. ^_^

    So now... I'm still on the hunt for a brass keyfob/charm I like for my clay bag!! Grrrrrrrrrr...
  2. Love that bag!! :smile:

    I'm looking for key fobs as well:yes: it's sometimes hard to find that perfect one!
  3. The bag is gorgeous....I love the clay. I have a Clay GIGI, the color goes with everything. ENJOY!
  4. Definitely!! I think the clay goes with so much!! My friends wanted me to bring it to work today and they loooooooooooved it!!

    And it was SUCH a great deal!! My bf wanted me to do a BIN around my birthday (Dec. 22) but I told him as much as I wanted the bag I wanted a good deal, even if he was paying for it.
  5. Love the abg!! And the inclusion matches beautifully :p
  6. I love the clay color. It's gorgeous. Congrats!!
  7. beautiful..the color is gorgeous!!
  8. I love anything in clay! I'm still kicking myself for returning my clay GIgi! congrats!
  9. I have the clay Gigi and clay Maxene me some clay! The shoulder bag is super cute.
  10. That is such a beautiful bag! I love the color! Congrats on all of your great accessories too!
  11. I'm still ooohing and aaahing over your bag and keyfobs!!!:drool: Great choices! Thanks for posting your pics. I'm really liking the butterfly more and more...:yes:
  12. Congrats! I think it's been you that's been on the hunt for that bag; So happy it found you!! It's gorgeous!
    (And I liked the instant gratification of clicking on your thread and, bam, there it is! The strip tease is fun too, but every now and then you just wanna get on with it:p)
  13. Awesome bag and thanks for the instant gratification!! :p
  14. I love that bag in that color! Its so cute with your charms too.
  15. Great bag, I love that color! Enjoy!