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  1. I was at Short Hills today to buy a new coffeemaker as ours had died after years of dedicated service and I couldn't NOT stop at LV to browse. Stock was kinda low but I had a hankering to pick up a little I got the new cles in Amarante. Its so much roomier then my pomme. I feel kind of guilty since I already had a cles. I don't see the need to have multiples of the same items but....its bigger and its amarante; who knows when they'll yank amarante off the shelves, KWIM? What should I do with my pomme one? I have it in my Multipli-cite now; I don't like the idea of it as a bag charm-what can I use it for?? I can't even fit a stinking lip gloss or lip stick in it!! BTW they had a Tivoli GM in stock, I couldn't believe it! Someone was trying it on, along with the Palermo GM and I don't know if she got either one, but if you're interested ring em up tonight!!
  2. Congrats .. I lvoe that amarante cles:love:
  3. Amarante is such a pretty color!!! I have a Marc Jacobs key pouch (similar to the cles) and I use it for cards I don't use very frequently like my spare Metro card, grad school ID (that I have never used in 1.5 years), 'club cards' like for Ulta and Sephora...stuff like that. It comes in very handy too when I don't want to take my wallet to work and just throw that in with my debit card and license.

    Love the new cles - I say keep both!
  4. i have the exact same one....LOVE IT..:tup:
  5. Just bought the new cles in pomme but love the amarante. soo pretty
  6. it's gorgeous! congrats!
  7. Excellent choice, now you have a stunning pair! Congrats!
  8. OOOh good idea, I'm always digging in my wallet for those cards, thanks!
  9. nice congrats!
  10. mmmmmmmmmmm yummy! :drool:
  11. Congrats - love the new cles.:tup:
  12. Very nice!
  13. i miss short hills
    new jersey sure does have a lot of shopping
  14. Very nice, congrats!
  15. congrats! I LOVE Amarante. It's such a beautiful color. :love: