My new addition..

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  1. I finally decided what to get here are some pictures of my recent purchase.


  2. They look so gorgeous matchy-matchy like that!!!
  3. OMG! I love that tote and matching wristlet! Great...another thing I want and I am supposed to be on a ban! All of you ladies are killing me on this forum! LOL!
  4. Awesome purchases!! I wanted to get one too and the matching wristlet but i kind of don't like how its still open on the sides. I wished it zips all the way so nothing would fall out or anyone can see whats inside. But great purchases!!! Love the design and color.
  5. OMG.....I love that tote so much!!!! Ack!!! I neeeeed a tote. Congrats on all of your gorgeous purchases and great pics!!!
  6. Oh my gosh that is just a gorgeous set!!! Wow love that brown!:drool:
  7. Those are all gorgeous together... I think I need em!
  8. TDF!!! Love the tote with the skull keyfob... A little on the wild side!:rochard: Love it!!
  9. Ok... probably a dumb question, but where did you get the little thingy to hang the keychain on?
  10. Wow, you have great taste!!! I love matching sets and I love the contrast of the skull on your bag. I'm filled with purse envy. :shame:
  11. So cute! Love how everything matches. It looks so good together.
  12. :drool:

    I love everything! *cough* Mainly the Zip Around Wallet *end cough*

  13. I got it to go on the coach hangtag it goes pretty well.
  14. YUUUUMMMMM!!!! Those look :drool:.
  15. very cool... love the skull keyfob on there too!!! :rochard: