My new addition!!!

  1. I was able to get to the Coach store today, and since I explained I would not be able to make it during the 25% coupon time, they let me use it a day early since I had it with me (and was carrying a big Coach tote). Yay!

    I think I browsed through the whole store but only walked away with one thing...I knew from the moment I saw this on the website, I had to have it. I would have bought a bag in the same color, but the ones they had weren't screaming out to me.

    So here you new baby!!!
    coach1.JPG coach2.JPG coach3.JPG coach4.JPG
  2. oooooooo that s wat i wanted!!!
  3. I love love the pink inside of your wallet :drool:
  4. very pretty! good choice...enjoy!:yes:
  5. Love it!!!!

    I love the pink inside too! I love pink:love:
  6. Nice choice!! I love the pink inside!
  7. Very nice!! Like the others I love the pink on the's a nice distraction every time you open it up and have to spend some money!!
  8. Congrats! It's very pretty! I'm eyeing that myself! ;)
  9. Love it!! Congrats!!
  10. I have seen this in person and it is great
  11. I have this same wallet coming to me in Wine for my bday in December! Love it - great choice!
  12. Very nice choice!!
  13. Congrats, gorgeous lining!
  14. Great choice!!!
  15. I love it too! It's on my list.