my new addition...

  1. I remember reading a thread this morning (can't remember which one because there are SO many here!!) and someone posted a photo of her bag and how she put a laptop in it and had thought the bag was really cute, simple, and "every day"... I went to the Coach outlet this morning and what did I see? That bag - the black Signature Soho satchel! There was one left so I snatched it right up while I browsed around the rest of the store... On top of that, the Hawaii retail was $600 and I got it for about $265!! There were many other things I wouldn't have minded getting, but this one made me go "ooooh." I also got a keyfob to go with it. ^_^

    BTW, I took updated photos of my collection and am wondering if I'm able to post it here or if there's a specific place I have to put it? Thanks!!

  2. I have this tote in leather and love it. I recently used it as an overnight bag.
  3. Super cute -- Congrats!

  4. Oooh, leather, huh? What color?

    And thank you, lvdreamer!! I absolutely love it!! :yahoo:
  5. $265, good deal!!!
  6. i LOVE it!!!!!!!! congrats on the new bag and you got it at a great price!
  7. Thanks, missaudrie!! It's sitting right next to me as I type. *lol* I love how the colors on the keyfob I bought look so nice against the black. But now I feel sorry for my denim Carly because I think it's going to take a backseat to this one (mainly because the Carly weighs a ton)... Haha.
  8. beautiful bag!!
  9. Thanks, Sara! Oooh, and I we're in the same boat! *lol* Well, it's nice to see another familiar name here!
  10. the more i see that bag on this website, the more i want one for myself -- what a good deal!!

    hopefully i'll be posting some goodies next weekend.. my hubby is letting me go shopping so he can spend time with our son & you can bet the coach outlet is my first stop!! only 20 minutes away!!!
  11. very nice, congrats!!
  12. LOVE It!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  13. I would really love one of these :smile:
  14. Very nice!
  15. Congrats! great deal.