My new addition

  1. My Light Grey small MP came today. :yahoo:

    The lighting in my house is really bad, so I can't get many pictures. I have one though:

  2. LOVE it love it!!
  3. OMG! So Beautiful! I sooooooo need a grey bag! Lovely and congrats to you!:heart:
  4. So pretty! I'm really loving all these gray (grey?) bags I'm seeing for fall!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. I really like that color! Congrats!!
  7. That color is divine! :nuts: Congrats!!!
  8. The color is very pretty. Congrats to you :smile:
  9. what a neutral color...congrats!
  10. nice color, i have this bag in cherry blossom, it's such a nice pop of color
  11. Congrats!! It's beautiful :tup:
  12. GORGEOUS color - I love it!
  13. So pretty! Wear it well. :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone. I was a little hesitant about getting this because I have a few other small MP’s. I actually wanted a darker grey and I don’t really care for gold hardware. But I love carrying the MP’s and this was $448 at shoptwigs so I couldn’t pass it up. I can get just a different bag in a darker grey later. :angel:
  15. Very pretty! Love this shade of gray!