My new addition!

  1. Nothing new but new to me cause I have been dying to own one of these.I got this yesterday and was too caught up looking at everybody else's goodies.

    I thought I would model it as well.I know that the attire I have on isn't suited for this but I was really wanting to model it.While I'm on this subject.For those of you who own one or any other piece from the denim line do you only dress up when carrying yours?I tend to wear lounge wear and casual alot so I was just wondering?

    I'm in the denim club,lol :yahoo:.Now I need to hound DH about finding and getting me something in Fuschia,lol.:graucho:



    Excuse my digi cam.I'm still trying to learn how to focus and all that good stuff so sorry if they are a blurr or something.
  2. It's adorable! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Gorgeous - congrats!
  4. Great addition! Congrats!
  5. oh, its absoulutley BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i :heart: it! congrats!
  6. I don't own anything denim but I personally like how it looks with a comfy dressed down outfit... a la Jessica Simpson here:

  7. Thanks for the compliments.Yea Jess makes everything look great even if she has a pair of sweats on it seems.I wear alot of jeans and alot of juicy when its cold so I think its going to be my best friend especially when its cold.
  8. Congratulations!!! Love the Neo Speedy!
  9. Cute! love it!
  10. love your new bag, congrats.
  11. Congrats! I have that bag in lichen and I wear it with casual attire all the time.
  12. i never liked the denim,...but omg girl u rock it! i love how it looks with loungewear!!
  13. Pretty bag! I love the denim line. Congrats!!!
  14. Wow, the denim looks great with a patina...and great on you!
  15. Nice! Enjoy it in good health!