My New Addition


An Obsessed Leftie
Mar 2, 2007
this is OT but I would love tips from everyone on how you manage to get such great shots of your bags ... i've tried no flash - to blurry - i've tried natural light, low light, etc - i'm either washed out or too shiny

anyhoo ... i've been coveting a few bags and debating for a month or so now

This Saturday with my monthly commission check freshly cashed burning a hole in my pocket hubby and I made the trip into "the big city" (I live in very rural burbs so travel 2 hours into Chicago - well still a suburb) to find a purse that I could use everyday without fear. My short list was the Neverfull MM, Mono Speedy 30 or Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene.

I currently only own the Monogram Riveting Bag. I still don't use it because too me, it's too pretty, too fragile, like a collectible - I'm afraid of mucking it up.

I quickly ruled out the Neverfull - just didn't speak to me so had 2 speedy's in front of me .. of course I'd have loved to say I'll take them both but the bonus wasn't that big .. lol. After debating back and forth I finally decided on the Mini Lin Speedy. Of course for about the next 1/2 hour I was wracked with fear of "did I make the right choice". I got to the car and started "moving in" to my new purse. I feel in love immediately. Too me the colors are pure understated elegance!!!! My AWESOME SA told me he had a piece from this line that a waiter had spilled vinnegar and some sort of dressing on and it beaded right off!! I sure hope that's true ..

any care or caution tips??

back to pics .. they're taken at work sorry (by the time I'm home at night it's too dark) with not the greatest camera (seemed to wash them out :sad:) but here's my beloved new baby which I've carried everyday this week despite rain/drizzle nearly everyday.


I also wanted to show off my other "baby" (even though he's not brand new) my mono groom organizer which up to this point has also remained unused because i'm afraid of mucking up that cute little guy .. how durable is he?
Jan 19, 2007
Love the Mini Lin great choice! I also have a groom wallet and I use him regularly, but I am careful with him. I try not to let him rub up against keys, etc. as I am afraid the screening will rub. I am not sure if this is true as I have not had any trouble with my groom, cerise or CB items, but I have seen very scary pics of items were the screening is rubbing off. I would use him, just treat him with a little extra TLC!


Jun 1, 2006
I love your speedy!! Congratulations :smile:

I keep my groom pieces with their faces against the soft lining of my bags with alcantara or in their dustbags in anything with a rough exterior. When I'm hurried , instead of putting it back in the bag just make sure the front is against the dustbag. NO PROBLEMS SO FAR!!