my new addition: mono papillon 26

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  1. [​IMG]

    i got her a few days ago from a lovely gal (you know who you are! :P )
    but didn't have chance to play with her much yet. i finally got around to taking some pics. :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. Love that! Such a cute shape and it looks so good on you. Enjoy!
  3. Congrats!!!
    It looks so gorgeous on you!
  4. looks great!!! Congrats! does it hold a lot of stuff?!?!
  5. thank you ladies!

    jill325 - yes it's quite roomy. i can fit all my essentials in no problem. :smile:
  6. very pretty:yes:
  7. Love it! Congrats!
  8. Very Pretty! Congrats!
    Can you wear it over your shoulder if you are wearing a jacket/coat?
  9. again, thank you for all the nice comments!

    kitsunegrl - yes i can (using one strap like the pic) but it's not comfortable. i think it's best as hand held.
  10. Congrats, looks so cute on you. My damier is coming..can't wait!
  11. Congrats on your new papillon - she's lovely!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!
  12. Very pretty, I LOVE the papillon 26! Congrats!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congrats on the papillon - it looks absolutely FAB on you!

    I never thought you could wear the 26 that way with one strap - I thought you could only do that with the 30, but it looks great on you! What a great way to increase the versatility of this bag.

    Hope you continue to enjoy carrying it!!! :biggrin:
  15. Congrats!! nice pic :smile: