my new addition - greige city \(^_^)/

  1. So, I was hoping to get my greige city before christmas, but that didn't happen. Came today at work, and I knew it was comming.. since I have been stalking the tracking info for the past week. ~lol~

    I remember when greige first came out. I had always loved the color, but was skeptical about getting a light colored bag. Boy, am I glad I got this color.. it's beautiful in person, and the color is quite hard to catch... it's a lovely neutural tone, perfect with any color.

    Well... no more typing, here are some profile shots.. ^.<



  2. Congrats! She looks yummy.
  3. Congrats! That is a beautiful neutral colour! Very nice leather too ... it looks so thick!
  4. WOW... Greige was one of the first colours I remember seeing after discovering Balenciaga.

    I have always loved it - but like you, I was scared of getting a lighter colour!

    Absolutely gorgeous bag... congrats!
  5. It's beeeautiful. It looks like the kind of light neutral that will really hold up well.
  6. Yum yum, looks slouchy already! Greige is such a pretty shade and goes so well with neutrals and denim!
  7. Awwe Yay Tina! Looks so sweet, lovely and soft!!
  8. What a gorgeous bag, Tina. Beautiful leather and colour. No wonder you are thrilled. It's TDF.
  9. Miss, PERFECT CHOICE!!! I have the same bag and it's my frist Bbag ever!! Also my favorite too among all in my collection :wlae::yahoo:
  10. Congratulations!! Greige is such a great color!!
  11. Congrats~~~such a gorgeous color!!!
  12. Congrats.:yahoo: I love the leather on your bag.:drool:
  13. I have the same bag and is one of my fav. I love the leather in the greige cities, congrats is stunning!!!!!!!
  14. That leather is freakin' fantastic!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  15. Ooooh totally :drool::drool: ,beautiful.