My New Addiction

  1. Here's my small collection that has all been purchased since the beginning of the year. Forgive the color/quality of the photos. I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to get the files small enough. I'll try to take and post better pictures later.

    I have some Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke and one solitary Gucci.
    DSCN15511.JPG DSCN15501.JPG DSCN15481.JPG DSCN15521.JPG DSCN15531.JPG
  2. Great collection- the gucci is gorgeous!
  3. Really great - I love that your LV are not the usual, and that your collection is diverse. You have everything from elegant to fun and flirty. Great handbags!
  4. Beautiful collection!
  5. I like your LV's!
  6. love the gucci
  7. i love the collection!
  8. LOVE the anniversary Gucci!
  9. Wow! I am loving that "solitary" Gucci! And your LV Groom accessories are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
  10. ^me too! the gucci and LV accesories are my faves.
  11. Lovely collection!
  12. Love the Gucci! Great collection
  13. Thanks for the compliments everyone. :p - Sounds like several of you like the Gucci. That was the one that started my new bag addiction. It really is so gorgeous IRL... better than any photo can capture.
  14. The Groom accessories are so cute! And I love the Popincourt! Thanks for sharing, great collection!
  15. OMG Girl, you have been BUSY since Jan 1st! :p What a fun, diverse collection! I love that you've got a little bit of everything!