my new accessories!

  1. ok i had to tell someone ... and i live with boys(they dont care)!
    i just got a cell phone lanyard -black signature (that thing is heavy duty!), and a khaki sig. picture key fob.
    well, i bought a denim patchwork wristlet for my sister too....but i'm giving that away so i'm not too exicted :drool:
  2. LOL Congrats did you get the wristlet at the outlet? I've been dying for the denim patchwork tote or demi. Would love to see pics! There lanyards imo are really heavy duty.
  3. Congrats, i would love to see pics too.
  4. i got the wristlet at macys....i have a outlet near here, but they never have anything! and btw theres a black wristlet with turn buckle things for 50% off...also a black sig pouch with the same.
    as soon as i figure out how to get pics from my camera to my computer i'll get some on here.
  5. Pics! LOL! Congrats!
  6. Congratulations!! I would love to see pictures, too!
  7. we want pics! :yes:
  8. ok, i'm going to try to get a pic right now...but i'm not real good at that....give me a few mins
  9. [​IMG]ok here is the wristlet i bought for my sister.
  10. i dont know how to make that pic smaller, i am sorry. i'm gonna have to get a lesson on this !
  11. The wristlet is very cute
  12. I just love that indigo patchwork!
  13. hey, can you take a pic of the cell lanyard? i've been thinking about one, but not quite sure because i haven't seen anybody with them....
  14. sure, gimme about 10 minutes.
  15. [​IMG]
    not the best picture...little fuzzy:sorry. ​