My new Accessories!

  1. Behold, my new little additions to my already small COACH family! COACH keychain and silk clutch :heart:





    The clutch has a hot pink interior and I'm not a fan of pink, but this was just so pretty I couldnt stop myself :shame:
  2. I have that keychain! It's sooo cute! I love the Optic Lurex line!!!

    That clutch was from the Kyoto line I think. Very pricey line and limited edition I think.

  3. Both are beauties. Congrats!
  4. cute!! what fits in the keychain? could like the little cards to put on your key ring fit in there?
  5. Thank you ladies!

    kathyrose Yes the clutch is from the Kyoto collection and it was $79.99 marked down from $148.00!

    aarti You mean the little customer preferred cards they give you at like the grocery store? Yes its definitely big enough to hold the keychain sized version of those cards!
  6. OMG i need to go get one now!
  7. may i ask how much it was? i spent half of my break today trying to organize the bottomless pit of a bag.
  8. Cute stuff! Congrats
  9. Very cute! I was in our outlet today and I didn't see that satchel you were looking for. Did you ever track one down?
  10. Adorable! I was just looking at those at their website today and I was thinking of getting one next time I went shopping.

    P.S- What program did you use for watermarking? I use IrfanView but I can't figure out how to make the text any color besides white..
  11. Thank you again ladies for your sweet comments!

    aarti About $19 (?)

    Tammy No :sad: I never got to tracking one down and I dont think I will be. Its okay, I dont need to be spending anymore money anyway. I will just wait until COACH comes out with a similar style I guess.

    redrose I use Photoshop 7.0 :heart:
  12. congrats abandonimages.. although as many threads around here i cant see the pics!! :crybaby: yet i always see the ones attached through the forum.. i guess yours was a url from outside forum :sad:

    redrose1028 :idea: in irfanview.. when u drag the mouse while clicked to make a selection of the photo where you want to place the text.. then you choose: Edit>>Insert Text Into Selection... the window that pops up where you write the text has a Button that says: Choose Font
    click on it and you'll see all kinds of settings for the text.. one of them is a drop down list of colors which is set by default to white :upsidedown:
    i have version 3.97. hope this works! ;)
  13. cute bags!
  14. 19! great! you didnt get that at woodbury commons did you? they dont carry those type of keychains, siggies or not?
  15. vanilla_addict I will upload the pictures for you!

    aarti No lol, I got them at the Silver Sands outlets here in Destin, FL.
    keyc 0022.jpg keyc 0032.jpg keyc 0042.jpg keyc 0052.jpg