~My New Accessories~

  1. So I just got back from the Waterloo outlets.

    That Coach outlet was the best one I have been to.

    They had the patent gallery totes... So gorgeous.
    A lot of mini sig stuff. Lots of leather and signature.

    Scarves, gloves, winter hats.

    Cute stuff. This is what I came home with. Nothing big just little stuff.

    Pink Flower Coin Purse- $31
    Signature reversible scarf?- $29
    Patent Apple keyfob- 16.99
    R- 9.99 (which I noticed theres a little rub spot on) :sad:
    Money Sign- 9.99
    Lozenge scarf- 69.99




    I left a couple out- the $ and the R and the scarf.

  2. OMG THAT APPLE!! Sooooo cuteeee!!
  3. Oh and they had the leather ergos, the patent ergo in white it as huge, a resort bag- huge also. And some legacy canvas? satchals in the green/white color.
  4. Cute stuff you got there!!
  5. I love that coin purse. I've only ever seen the orange one at the outlets when I've been there.
  6. Very cute!
  7. Cute stuff!!! I especially love the watermelon coin purse and scarf!!!! Adorable keyfobs!!! Congrats!
  8. Great haul!
  9. congrats girl!!.. they are too cute.. I can't wait to go to outlet this thanksgiving :girlsigh:
  10. cute stuff and great deals too
  11. Great Haul!! I love that scarf! I need me a scarf for when I go snow boarding this winter-I need to hit up the outlet!!
  12. wow that IS a great haul!! HOw far from NYC is waterloo??? I cant believe that lozenge scarf was 9.99!!!
  13. Love all the goodies -- Congrats!
  14. Love the keyfobs. I really need to get myself some of those! Cute!!
  15. Love the scarves.