My new Access. & Vegas Question

  1. When I got home from work tonight. This was waiting for me on the kithcen table! :yahoo: I'm so happy it gets to come with me to Vegas ! And she fits in well with her 2 sisters.
    Speaking of Vegas, which LV is the best one to go to? Or should I just go to them all?!? :shrugs:
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  2. :nuts: Congrats!!! Nice colour and a beautiful 'cles family' :love: for Vegas, I'm sorry I'll love to go there one day myself:P You have a wonderful holiday though!:flowers:
  3. Pearle! It will reflect the lights of Vegas.
  4. Hi!:smile:

    I agree with louislovesfendi818:yes: :Perle!!!:love:

    Congrats and have a nice holiday!;)
  5. Ooohh :nuts: ...what a gorgeous little family you have there! You've got to go to Caesar's Palace the Forum Shops! :drool: ...they have it all, huge LV, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, etc., you can definitely MAX your credit cards easily there! careful.:amuse:
  6. It's beautiful, congrats!
  7. Go to all of them. My sister did some shopping for me out there, and she was totally impressed with LV at The Wynn. She was not impressed with Saks LV at the fashion mall . She always tells it like it is, and she said the SA at Saks was just plain stupid.
  8. LV at The Wynn is the nicest but go to LV at Caesar's as well when you visit The Forum Shops. Have fun!
  9. Aww.. your cles family is so cute, congrats ! :yes:
  10. Cute cles family!!!!!!!! have fun in vegas! last time I was there I only went to Caesars & the shops at bellagio (Wynn wasn't open yet).
  11. I say Caesars it got a really good range and the SA's are really helpful it is busy though.

    Wynn Lv is supposed to be the biggest as Vegas but I just didn't find it that good, it had only been open a little while so it may be better now
  12. lovely congrats...all the styles are so to pick is impossible hence the fact that there are so many gorgeous collections...we are all hooked!!!!
  13. Cute cles family, I love the perle one, it is adorable. Have fun in Vegas!
  14. ohhh i love it! i never thought that i would want to purchase a cles, but now.. uh oh..
  15. I love your family of CLEs :love:
    They all are gorgeous :yes:
    Anyway, enjoy your holiday in Vegas:yahoo: