My New 30cm Birkin in Parchemin Veau Togo from Paris

  1. Hi tPFers:

    Introducing my new Birkin 30cm in Parchemin Veau Togo at the Hotel Le Bistol in Paris. After a two-week search in NYC, London, and Paris. I was lucky to find her on Friday, November 9 at the Hermes on Rue de Faubourg St Honore for euro 4750 ($6420). Ahhh, so cute! It's the perfect size for me cuz it’s nice and light. I've received so many sweet compliments already! :yahoo::woohoo:

    tpf_birkin veau togo parchemin 30cm 4.jpg tpf_birkin veau togo parchemin 30cm 5.jpg tpf_birkin veau togo parchemin 30cm 6.jpg tpf_birkin veau togo parchemin 30cm 7.jpg tpf_birkin veau togo parchemin 30cm 8.jpg
  2. How beautiful, congratulations! I just love this colour!
  3. Oh wow.... gorgeous! Very versatile colour!
  4. OMG!! It's soooo gorgeous!! I love everything about it! The size, color, leather & gold hardware. You are super lucky to have found her! Congrats :yahoo:
  5. I am extremely green with envy. Darn, why didn't they have anything in Parchemin when I was in Paris a couple of months ago?!!!

    aPigsCloset, your new bag is so beautiful! :love::love::drool::drool::drool: Congrats!!!!
  6. This is such a beauty!!Lucky you.I am really loving this color:love:
  7. what a gorgeous birkin... love it
  8. My, that is beautiful :love: Wonderful price too! I'm green with envy--wear her in good health!
  9. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats! :yahoo:

    That bag wouldn't survive a day with me, I'm too clumsy, have already dropped all my bags at least once! :rolleyes:
  11. Oh so pretty. What a beautiful color and with the gold, so lovely.
  12. It's beautiful....:girlsigh::love:
  13. Thanks!!! I really wanted to find a 35cm in a dark color, but once I saw the Parchemin, I fell in love with how beautiful it looks in this size. Actually a gentleman was looking at it first, but once he decided not to take it, my SA snatched it. There were two other people eyeing it too.
  14. :yahoo:Many congratulations!

    This is such a beautiful colour I was very taken with it when I saw it IRL the other week. Enjoy! :yahoo:
  15. I have seen this IRL. :tup: