My New 228 Purple Reissue - Should I keep?

  1. Ladies,
    I'm trying to decide if I should keep this bag? :s I love the color and I have found a few things in my closet seem to match the bag. Do you think my YSL platforms below will go? They are suede. I like the color and I am a fashion risk-taker. The bag is kinda big, i would prefer the 227 but I am afraid if I return this one I will end up with no purple bag at all and that would be :nogood: Question two: Should I choose my second one to be gold or navy? On the list for both but can only get one. Help!
    DSC00710-1.jpg DSC00714-1.jpg DSC00716-1.jpg
  2. ooo, this is a tough one! i own the same YSL shoes too, and i would not wear them together b/c there's too much purple going on.

    i think the purple metallic is quite easy to wear - with all black, greys, white shirt/black shirt + blue jeans and high heels, etc.

    for me, the purple metallic will complement my outfit, not necessarily match it if you know what i mean.

    gold vs navy - my heart goes out to navy, though maybe gold would be good if you end up keeping the purple. :p what size are you thinking about?

    not to confuse you more - but how about returning the purple and getting both the navy and the gold?
  3. I really like the purple...getting the navy or gold in 227.
  4. the purple is definitely gorgeous, but if you do keep the size 228 for fear of not getting it in the 227, would you use it or would it just sit in your closet? i see the size seeming to be too big to you as a huge red flag to not keep the bag. it's a lot of money to not be 100% happy with the bag!

    have you already put yourself down for the 227 purple on other waitlists?

    personally, if you do keep the purple 228 i would get the gold 227 just to have something different. BUT, i personally find the gold/silver to be too blingy for that size. that's juts me though.
  5. I will carry it, it just is not very versatile for night wear. I am a bling kinda girl! Love the gold but think the navy is more practical.
  6. I am having the same dilema only I have not seen the 228 Irl. Do you think the extra 2" length and 1" height makes that much difference in the look of the bag? I am asking because I have only seen the 226 and smaller.

    My advice keep the purple until you get another or until you can take yours to a store and compare. The purple is TDF and I think that if you end up without any purple that you will be very sad.

    There is a famous quote that it is better to have a bird in the hand instead of 2 in the bush. HTH.
  7. I have the purple 228 and while I LOVE it and wanted it in that size only, I do think it's a big bag. As Shopping247 mentioned it complements much of my wardrobe and I dress to show off the bag. Having said that, I've worn the bag to work all week so I have no problem with it being an everyday bag.

    I probably would not wear the YSL shoes (although they're TDF) because the purple and fabric is so different.

    As for navy or gold .. go for the one that your heart skips a beat for! yeah, you may need to see them IRL first, I know.
  8. Sooo pretty. But i would not try to match it up w/ other purples in your shoes or clothes even. its too matchy matchy. Instead I'd wear complimentary colors as the other pF'er said
  9. can we see a modeling pic of the 228 purple?
  10. Very few purples in 228 were ordered and A LOT of people were hoping to get one. I'd keep the 228 purple until you could find the 227. You can always sell the 228 on eBay and I'm sure you'd have no problem recovering your costs.
  11. Smooth always tells it like it is. I think you should keep it until/if you find a smaller size, and if so, you could always ditch the other one on eBay. I mean, there are going to be lots of people wanting them soon, so I'd keep it. Better safe than sorry! :yes:
  12. Agreed w/ everyone else. The Purple Reissue is TDF, and you don't want to miss out. Hold on to it until you can get a smaller size (if you can) and if the return date has passed, just e-bay it. You'll probably get close to what you paid for it if not more, since so many people are lusting for this color. Good Luck!
  13. I think you should keep it!
    Between 228 and 227, I would pick 228, it is more practical and IMO it looks much better and 2 inches between the 227 and 228 makes a huge difference!!!
  14. I think the gold would be a nice contrast if you keep the purple, but I do like the navy.
  15. I think it wouldn't be too matchy matchy if you match to accents in your clothes. Maybe some dark amethyst jewelry, or a suit with that same dark purple trim, or a fun dress with some dark purple tights.