my new 2009 purchases

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  1. :heart:

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  2. nice, congrats! What is that second one? The color is gorgeous!
  3. thanks! The second one is car shoe, it's made by Prada.
  4. cute buys
  5. Congrats!
  6. They are cute! Congrats! Great choices! Suit my styles too!
  7. I love the Car Shoe bag!!! what a fantastic color!!!
  8. Love the color of the Prada. So pretty!
  9. Love the color of the second bag!
  10. I didn't know Car Shoe was make by Prada! Interesting. I really like that bag.
  11. where do u get the car shoe bag? i love the style! and how much do they go for if u dont mind me asking :smile:
  12. Love, Love! Both!:heart:
  13. Car Shoe bags retail between $700 and $900 but luckily I got mine with a deep discount. I ended up shelling out $230. I like that they are made of the same vitello leather that Prada is using and the color is so much like balenciaga. I know that they are pretty popular in Europe, I think there is even a store in Milan but not sure.
  14. i love the color of the second one too! pretty..
  15. Both are nice, but i love the color of the Prada.