My new 2006 Gold Gucci shoes!

  1. While browsing Neimans sale of course no size 11s of interest were on the shelf so I end up buying something from the new collection. I think they will go great with my Gold Bottega.
    guccigoldshoe.jpg guccigoldshoes2.jpg
  2. Congrats! They're gorgeous.
  3. They're beautiful! Congrats on your acquisition!
  4. Beautiful shoes! I love them!
  5. Those are beautiful!
  6. So pretty!
  7. You have such gorgeous shoes! I loved the red and green striped Guccis you got earlier as well!
  8. Great shoes! Enjoy them!
  9. those shoes are too cute....enjoy!;)
  10. Those are gorgeous ... love love:love: them! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. They are beautiful!
  12. GFabulous shoes! I love them!
  13. Pretty!!!
  14. I tried them on the other day they are so cute. Work it out!
  15. Beautiful shoes, congrats!
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