My "new" 2003 Weekender w/SH!!!

  1. :yahoo: I bought her on Friday from a high end consignment store a few towns over from me. Thanks to Mimz for helping me authenticate her. :heart:
    blk1.jpg blk2.jpg
  2. What an awesome find!!! congrats!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! :yahoo: Shes Gorgeous! :drool: You are one lucy girl Congrats!
  4. [​IMG]

    OMG:nuts: :nuts: It's a beauty and the leather is so fabulous and lucky you. I hope i can find such rare piece locally here which is not possible......sigh...:sad: :sad:
  5. Ooooh, congrats!!
  6. OMG!:wtf: WOW, you found this at a consignment store?! I wish I could find Bbags in consignment stores in my area! CONGRATS on the AMAZING find!!!!:yahoo:
  7. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    What a find! I am so excited for you:yes:
  8. It has beautiful leather!!
  9. WOW great find.:nuts: Congrats. :yahoo:May be i should start going into those places too.:wtf:
  10. Congrats on finding such a beauty!!
  11. beautiful, congrats!!
  12. OMG this is such a rare find! Congrats!
  13. very pretty. congrats!
  14. Congratulations esiders! Amazing find.
  15. Oh wow what a great find she is really beautiful!!! I wish we had consignment stores like that in the UK!!!