My new 2 Burberry coats *PICS*!

  1. okay, I've been bad:p! I bought 2 coats from Burberry! they fit sooo good! L:heart:ve them!
    I've bought a wool trench and a 'regular' trench. yes, I love trenches :graucho:!

    but no more blabla, here are the pics:
    1. the regular trench:
    burberry_trench.JPG trench_2.JPG trench.JPG
  2. Adorable! Great purchases!
  3. 2. my wool trench:
    burberry_wool.JPG wool_2.JPG wool.JPG
  4. They are beautiful!!! congrats!
  5. They both look great on you
  6. I love both!
  7. Looks great on you!
  8. Oooh, nice! I love outerwear from Burberry.
  9. Super cute - I especially like the wool one !
  10. I love those coats! I need a trench...
  11. Wow gorgeous coats.
  12. OMG love them both. congrats. luck you.
  13. LOVE them both!!! Are they both warm enough to wear as a winter coat?
  14. They look amazing! Congrats!
  15. gorgeous! especially love the wool one! congrats!