My new 1st's Eggplant '04 Black '03

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  1. Here are photos of my 2 new first bags....Eggplant and Black, they are
    both in like new condition! I can't even believe it! :love: These older leathers are tdf! and the pewter hardware on the black :P ....... I took
    these photos outside just a few minutes ago so that you can really see
    the texture of the leathers and the color of the eggplant :heart: I need to go out and celebrate tonight!:yes:



  2. they're beautiful!!! congrats! i'm jealous but am so happy for you!!!:heart: :heart: :love: :biggrin:
  3. oh my...those are sooooo beautiful!! congrats, chloe!!
  4. great finds!!!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!
    I'm so glad you got those.
    It's funny seeing them as individual items to buy on eBay,then seeing them together like this!!
  6. congrats!! those are both so nice. i love the pewter hardware on the black bbag -- it gives it an edge.
  7. They are incredible! And I am especially in love with the eggplant! What a great collectors item!
  8. Love your collection... especially the eggplant:heart:
  9. All I can say is WOW. Love the Eggplant!
  10. sweet....
  11. Congrats! Both bags are just too gorgeous!!!
  12. the eggplant is to die for!! lucky you!!!!
  13. What a find! I heart the eggplant especially!!!
  14. Beautiful! If I were you, I'd never let them go!
  15. Thanks Winona :smile: I know what you mean about seeing them together.....I just keep looking at them :love: and I have been SO lucky on Ebay (knock on something)

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes!! :yes: I can't wait to take them out and show them do you think one in each hand would be
    too much? :lol: