my new 09 Paraty bag in black python!!


Sep 26, 2006
hey ladies -
well, here it is! this is my second python paraty, as some of you may remember from another post i returned the original to bergdorf's after the skin started to peel off at the bottom. anyway, they replaced it, and sent me a totally new one! my amazing fiancee got this bag for me for xmas(i love him:cloud9:).
i never got a chance to post pics of the original, but, i figured you all would appreciate some snaps of the new one. i absolutely adore this bag. it is by far my favorite - EVER. when i saw mary-kate carrying this bag all around nyc, i immediately had to have it! i have a love for all things serpents, and i even own a colombian red-tailed boa. anyway - here it is: