My New 08 Blue Reissue Phone Pouch & Ice Cube Flap

  1. I just bought them yesturday in HK PP Chanel Shop. Here are pictures of my new babies. :yahoo::yahoo:
    P1010094.jpg P1010099.jpg P1010100.jpg P1010102.jpg P1010104.jpg
  2. oooohhh laaa laaaaa! enjoy!
  3. wowwwwwwwwwww
  4. Pretty! Me likey likey!!
  5. wow! ~ they are both gorgeous! ~ do you know what other colours the phone pouch is avail in? ~ tia x
  6. Here are more pictures of them! :heart:
    P1010109a.jpg P1010112a.jpg P1010121.jpg P1010127.jpg
  7. how much do you buy the ice cube flap?
  8. I love the blue!!!
  9. Oh they're so lovely! Would you please tell me how much is the phone pouch. I would like to get one.
  10. Thank you girls. Actually I prefer 226 size blue and purple reissue more. But the SA said HK has not ordered purple colour and only 228 size for blue colour. So disappointing.............:sad:
    Can anyone help me to find 226 size blue and purple reissue? I really really want to have them. Thanks in advance.

    vikianderson - Dark silver is also available.
  11. I am absolutely in love with your blue reissue phone pouch and how adorable is that ice cube!!!
  12. Ooh la la~~
    May I ask how much your phone pouch was?
  13. ooooh that phone pouch is just sooooo cute :biggrin:

  14. Yulianayuliana- The ice cube flap is HK$14,000

    bagchic1- The phone pouch is HK$10,200
  15. Congratulations, love the phone pouch, très magnifique!