My new 08' Balenciaga is here!!!

  1. I'm sooo excited:yahoo:!!!
  2. Post pic please...
  3. what did you get?? can't wait for pics!!
  4. :popcorn:
  5. Here you go ladies! Pictures of my pale magenta:love:

    Palemagenta01.jpg Palemagenta02.jpg
  6. very pretty! I love the texture of ur magenta! Congrats!
  7. wow!! the leather on that bag is TDF!! congrats!!
  8. Thanks girls!!! I asked Kim for very distressed, wrinkly leather, and I love it!!! More pics:



    My juicy charm!
    Palemagenta03.jpg Palemagenta04.jpg Palemagenta05.jpg Palemagenta06.jpg
  9. Wow, Shoelover-Congratulations on a gorgeous bag! I love the color and the distressing.
    You must be so excited to be one of the first ladies to get one. I also really like your candy cane charm! So cute!
    Thanks for the Pics. Post modeling pics if you get a chance.:yahoo:
  10. OOOhhhh i love it. congrats girl!!!!!
  11. Wow! Amazing! I want this color!
  12. That is one AWESOME bag!! Loving the colour and leather! Congrats!
  13. Thanks girls!!! I've always wanted a pink bag and now I finally got one!
    Here she is with the rest of the family (black, violet, tomato, black, pale magenta and sandstone).

    family01.jpg Family02.jpg
  14. Gorgeous colour and fantastic leather! Congratulations on your beautiful bag! :tender:
  15. I'm so jealous! Enjoy your new bag!