My new 07 Grass Green Day!

  1. Got this today & I'm just thrilled :nuts: (thanks Erica;) ) I never thought I would find a green better than the Apple but frankly, this is THE green for me. And the leather, oh my! It's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely Fabulous acegirl!!! Post some pics wearing it if you have time!!! Congrats!!! :yes:
  3. Wow! That bag is...refreshing! I'm craving a margarita now. Stunning! Congrats!
  4. Love It!!!!! God, It's Gorgeous!
  5. This is the bag I want!! I just love this green.
  6. gorgeous!

    welcome to the Grass Green club!!
  7. :drool: :drool:
    I want a Day in every color! Your GG is particularly yummy. :sweatdrop: Congrats!
  8. Your Vert Gazon day is perfect !!!
    The leather looks so great !!!!!!!
  9. That bag is seriously amazing.:drool: The grass green is very well suited for the Day. Congratulations on a great bag. Erica is a real doll.
  10. LOVE this!!
  11. WOW WOW WOW:drool: :drool: :smile: :nuts:
  12. Thanks all! I'm so impressed with the leather~ it's so "old school".
    No veiny-ness at all. I'll try & post a pic with me wearing it when I have a decent outfit on:p
  13. OMG, that bag is gorgeous and the color is :drool:

    Congrats on your day!
  14. Drop-dead lovely! Congrats acegirl. This will be a great bags for all seasons.
  15. :drool: :drool: :yahoo: I just love the Day style.:yahoo: