my new '06 black city

  1. my new '06 black city:yahoo: and very first balenciaga, hopefully this will not be my last.......

    the bad news is, now i'm seriously putting myself on a purse ban until september 2007:sweatdrop:
    IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0598.JPG IMG_0602.JPG
  2. Congrats! What a great choice! :yes:
  3. Gorgeous leather! :drool:
  4. wooooooooooooo-whooooooooooooo!!!'ve chosen the perfect 1st b-bag girl...everyone needs a classic black city (some of us need two :graucho:)...she'll be well worth the $$$ & you'll have her forever :heart:
  5. Awesome city, I love black it's such a classic,, the leather looks yummy:p
  6. ehem ehem, yes some of us need two. LOL.

    congratulations, blue 77! it's gorgeous!!!
  7. Love it! She's soooo beautiful and is an excellent choice for a first BBag IMO! :love: Congrats on your first BBag! :smile:
  8. Congrats - it's a stable must have of the Balenciagas.

    Good luck with the ban!
  9. congrats!!! i think she'll be enough to make u happy for a few months until u are relieved from ur ban :p

    the leather looks so smooth :yes:
  10. thanks girls......

    she really is quite a catch, all i need now is the willpower to stay on the purseban........
  11. Congrats!
    The Black City is classic.
  12. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Great choice for your 1st Balenciaga! The leather looks TDF and am sure you two will be very happy together:heart:

  13. two?? who has two?

    oh, me!!

    i love black cities!!!! :heart:

    great choice!!! wear her in good health!!!!
  14. Gorgeous Black City you have there... Congrats!!!
  15. Gorgeous!! It's the perfect bag to start out with!!