My new '05 Chocolate Paddy pics!!

  1. Hi Ladies! I won this bag on eBay & just received it today! I love the richness of the color! Now my small collection includes a Small Whiskey Betty, '06 Jaune Paddington, and now my '05 Chocolate Paddy.
    I am now in Chloe heaven:smile:
    EBAY 057.jpg cl4.JPG
  2. gorgoues bag....congrats on a great find. Its hard to find good stuff on e-bay these days!
  3. love it! congrats!!
  4. I love the paddy in choco! Great find and great pick!:yes:
  5. Congrats to you! Love it too, I want a chocolate paddy too!
  6. Congratulations!! Such a great color!!
  7. Beautiful paddy - congratulations!
  8. I'm offically in love with that bag!

    Is it justifiable to have an 06 choc and an 05 choc?

    Where is audrey when you need her??
  9. That is gorgeous! Makes me want a Chocolate Paddy! :smile:
  10. gorgeous congrats!!
  11. pretty, congrats! ;)
  12. congrats!
  13. What a beauty--congrats!!
  14. That chocolate just made me drool... no wonder they call it chocolate! Stunning. Congrats!
  15. oooh you did good!!!

    congrats :biggrin: