My new 05 Caramel Twiggy - I need comfort and advice

  1. Here's a picture of my new Twiggy:


    It's an authentic bag, purchased from a resale boutique in Manhattan. The leather is amazing - but, it really does NOT look like this picture. This is the picture the seller took, but in real life, the bag is more pale and anemic looking. It is in superior condition - but it doesn't look like I expected nor does it look like Zacorey's yummy 05 caramel looks in her pictures. It's way more like sandstone than I would have thought possible.

    I have an 06 Caramel (S/S) first whose color I love much more, even though the leather isn't, perhaps, as nice.

    What do I do? Should I send it back? I wanted a yummy Caramel Twiggy so bad and now I don't even feel like I can trust 05 leather/Balenciagas from the past - I'm thinking I'll never buy an older one again, no matter how smooshy the leather (and it is AMAZING leather).

    I'm putting conditioner on part of the mirror to see if anything will revive - but the color just looks tired and bleh. In fact, if bags are going to look this way after just 2 years, I'm very disappointed.

    I will try and post a picture that shows more how she looks at my house (it's definitely the same bag - it's that old problem of the bags looking so different in photos), but I'm afraid the new pictures will still make her look richer in color than she really is.

    Any words that can make me feel better?
  2. Not that it's any comfort, but I had the same issue with a caramel bag. I bought it barely used, and it photographed beautifully. But it had that faded look. I think it must be the nature of the color in some bags. When I see bags others post, I'm amazed at their richness. Mine didn't have it either. Sorry! But it isn't representative of all 2005 or older bags, believe me.
  3. Rollergirl, that actually was helpful. Either this bag is quite faded (and was photo'ed under low or yellowish light that helped compensate) or all the pictures I'm seeing of gorgeous Caramel bags are completely off (and I look on several monitors). It's such a drag not to live in New York.

    This bag is much closer to the Sandstone bags I've seen at Barney's BH than it is to my 06 Carmel, which I love.
  4. The 'o5 isn't as dark as the f/w '06. I had an '05 caramel Twiggy and the leather was TDF. The color distressed and not as saturated as the City I got. I loved the color, it was just not as dark as the City bag. It was almost like a light honey color. Often the '05's are very dry since they have been around for 2 years and may never have been moisturized. You could try a bottom area and see if it makes a difference because often it will. Good luck, the '05 caramel is a gorgeous bag, it may just need some TLC.
  5. Caramel is not as dark as is pictured, for one thing. Another thing - it is common for light colored bbags to fade if they are used often and left untreated. So, on top of caramel being lighter than you expected, its probably also faded some. That being said, I love my caramel day. If you want a darker tan, the maybe the cognac from spring 06 would be a better choice.
  6. Thanks, guys. After carefully inspecting the bag, I do believe it is faded. Otherwise it's in great condition.

    Is there anything I can do besides moisturize? I tried a bit of moisturizer on the mirror - no real difference.
  7. If you just want it to look darker, I don't know what can safely accomplish that. However, I bought a rather drab 05 Caramel Day a bit ago, and was able to make a huge difference in it's look by applying LMB's New Shine Restore. I did condition it first, didn't notice much difference, but the Shine Restore made it look so much more luscious. Just a thought...:idea:
  8. I'm so sorry you're not loving your Caramel!!!!!!!

    The pic isn't an accurate representation of the color, like powder said, it's a really light, almost honey color....not a tan. The pic almost makes it look like it's SS06 Cognac color. If you want a darker tan color, maybe getting SS06 Cognac and moisturizing it might just do the trick.

    Don't think that you can't trust the oldies......! I personally love oldies(most of my collection consists of pieces from FW04 and earlier), and they have the best leather ever!! Also, I've never conditioned any of my oldies(I'm the original owner of all of them), they're just incredibly soft just the way they are. But I remember some tPFers were saying that some of the 05 bags have very dry, crackly leather because that's the year Balenciaga changed their manufacturer from the one they used to use.(probably larger production had something to do with it as well)
    The only trick of buying an oldie now is to find the mint condition one that's reasonably priced.

    I personally love 05 Caramel, but if you don't love it, you should return it!
  9. so sorry you are unhappy with your caramel 05. maybe you can return it if that is an option? all the caramel 05 i have seen so far is super gorgeous so i know the perfect one will come along. sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error with buying b-bags. so keep your chin up!
  10. Deffinitely do not be affraid of buying 05's because of this. It won't do ya any good now, but I always ask for a verbal description, and I ask how accurate the color is in the photos. If moisturizing doesn't help, you'll have to decide if you want to take the color restoration plunge. Good luck!
  11. Sorry that you are not totally happy with your bag, I know what a bummer that can be. I hope you get it all figured out, I know that these bags cost too much to not to be 100% happy with them. GOOD LUCK!
  12. Melisande, I'm sure that you've gotten enough advice here on how to treat your otherwise gorgeous bag. Moisturize her a bit, perhaps use some Shine Restore, and see what happens. I think that the leather quality of the bag is key here. I do believe that it's a gorgeous bag, nevertheless...
  13. so sorry to hear this, but if you are not completely happy with the bag, i'd say send her back...but if she starts to grow on you, then lube her...i think she'll be even prettier!!
  14. The boutique I purchased it from (sight unseen) is graciously accepting the return of the bag. I feel terrible having to return such a lovely bag (the leather and style are just incredible, and for a used bag, it's in great condition - better than most of my nearly new bags).

    It's the color. I looked through all the pix in the reference section and decided it's closest to 07 f/w Oatmeal - almost exactly the way that picture looks, on three different monitors.

    I am back to looking for 06 Carmel/Cognac I think - or even 06 S/S Carmel. There doesn't seem to be a color from the current collections that is close enough - although *maybe* the Tabac.

    I am not a neutrals kind of girl, and the shade of brown I have in mind is very specific - much closer though, to my 06 Carmel (even if the leather on her looks a bit more distressed and is less thick - it's certainly not *thin* and the color is gorgeous).

    So if anyone wants 05 Caramel Twiggy (remembering that the Twiggies are apparently lighter in tone - more like current Oatmeal), let me know by PM and I'll send you the phone number of the lovely lady who sold me this authentic bag. The store is Manhattan.
  15. You hang in there! You will get the one you want!!!