My new 05 black city

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  1. I'm so excited! My black city I won on ebay a week and a half ago just arrived today. I was a little worried after the seller contacted me after the auction, said she had never sold anything before, and asked if I could tell her how to access my paypal payment! :shocked: But it all turned out O.K. in the end. I've included a family shot with my cornflower city.

    I have to thank all of you ladies who have suggested getting a black city since it is such a classic look. You were right!

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  2. congrats! The leather looks so squishy and soft. Glad your transaction went ok. The black city looks great next to your cornflower.
  3. Nice! Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. WOW!!!!!!! Super pretty bags you got there!!!!!!!! LOVE them both!!!!:love: Use it well~ I'm sure you will!:P
  5. SUPERB... so soft & yummyyyy looking!!!. :drool:
    great family!! :love:

    LOVE IT :yahoo: