My Neverfull PM!! Should be here soon!! And a Question...

  1. I just wanted to let everybody know, because I am horribly excited yet again, for my next family memeber to arrive!! I am speaking with my SA who's says I can pick my Neverfull PM up next week!! I am sooo happy!! Quick question before I buy it, does anyone have a problem with stuff falling out? I've never owned a bag that doesn't close all the way. Thanks!!
  2. No...Neverfull is need to worries problem with stuff falling out.....Even some people talking the bleeding problem on the other threads..I don't think is a bleeding problem and I believe on the LV QC....I'm still in love with my neverfull , the style is perfect for every day use and travel
  3. No it is a deep bag nothing will fall out :smile:
  4. Unless you knock the bag over! But I doubt the bag will just fall over since it's pretty well grounded. An open bag is fine. However, when I walk around with my Neverfull, I always clip it closed and squeeze between my arm and body just for extra protection.

    Congrats on your new PM!