My Neverfull GM YouTube Review


Nov 8, 2010
Hi all,
This is my second video review, and it's a bit longer than my first review :smile:
I love doing video reviews now, so much fun!

This review includes:

  • full 360 views of the bag
  • date code location
  • 3 ways/styles to wear this bag

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in monogram

Aug 2, 2008
very nice thank you for sharing.the look of the bag inside out is so pretty, it makes me wonder whether a lot of gals do that to their NFs.


Sep 16, 2010
Thank you it has really helped me to make my decision!!! :biggrin:

on the end of the drop strings the d rings, what are they for??? just wondering if there was a special use for them?? :biggrin: thanks!!!!


Nov 8, 2010
Deborah1986, I think the Neverfull is an all around great versatile bag! :biggrin: You won't regret buying her!

dezynrbaglaydee, I'm glad you kept your neverfull as they are scarce now around this holiday time

lizmarielowe, thank you. I hope you found it helpful :amuse:

meneednewpurse & *SPOILEDROYALTY, thank you both for the compliment. I really enjoy doing the video reviews. Now I just need to find an editing program to make them shorter

anyaa01, I love this look too! It was one of the selling points for me when getting my neverfull

Ladybaga, yes yes we are! :love:

pureplatinum, hmm I haven't seen the girls do it in my area no maybe I'll start the trend here :lol: It is a pretty look, just have to be careful about the canvas inside

fon_ka, you're welcome sweetie :heart: thank you for watching it

imysworld, oh I am so glad. Will you be getting the neverfull?
The straps on the side have the little D rings attached to the end and I've seen some people take both straps D rings and connect them to the clasp on the inner top of the bag. Like this picture :

Spork, Oh I can't wait to see your speedy either! ;) Congrats you will love it!