my neiman experience!

  1. i used to think that NM has the best intl service among all, but yesterday i am VERYYYYY2222 dissapointed of NM, i have been ordering architek black for these 2 months, and finally i got it and they are otw to me now, when i asked them for the tracking or shipping number, they said they dont have it because its intl order and they are using intl package courier which they dont even know the name!!! but before yesterday, NM has told me that my architek will be ship with FEDEX!!! and so far i have been ordering a lot with NM and they always send my stuff with fedex.
    I will fly to US myself and kill someone in NM if somehow my architek lost in the mail~! hikksssss why why why?
  2. :shrugs:Wow, has anyone had a good experience with NM lately? Their customer service has gotten so ridiculous!! I'm so sorry that they're causing you so much grief - hopefully your shoes will arrive soon!!
  3. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. What is going on with NM customer service???
  4. I think they are horrible!
    Out of all the stores I have had the best luck with Saks.
  5. I just got my architek in the mail today and it was shipped with USPS. They didn't send me notice that it was shipping I just saw a charge on my cc statement.
  6. Fingers crossed for you!!! I'm sure everything will work out :smile:
  7. i think you should speak to another CS rep. I can't believe they don't know the name of the shipping company. if you get no where again, ask to speak to a manager
  8. Wow, good luck getting your Architeks soon!
  9. ^^I agree. I certainly hope they didn't ship a pair of $700 shoes with no tracking info!!! Hope they get to you safetly!
  10. Good luck! Hope they make it out to you safely. I am not trying to trash or defend NM as I have had both positive and negative experiences, but if you can deal personally with an SA or manager things go much smoother.
  11. Ohhh, I'm so sorry to hear that. :sad: Hope they get to you soon and intact. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  12. Hope it all works out! I haven't tried buying from them because of the customs issue, but they should be more willing to help you!
  13. I hear you . They "lost" my order for the rare and I now can't find very prive black pailettes:cursing: