My Neighbourhood

  1. It is such a beautiful day today that I thought I'd snap a few pics of The Hague. I was riding my son to school and had my camera in my bag.

    1. My street
    2. Escher Gallery
    3. Hotel Des Indies - where Anna Pavlova popped her clogs
    4. Outdoor Botero exhibition
    5. Parliament building
    6. Shopping street
    7. The Palace
    8. The Peace Palace - no idea what goes on in there
    9. Canal in the city
    bentinckstraat.jpg DSCN1210.jpg DSCN1211.jpg DSCN1213.jpg DSCN1214.jpg DSCN1215.jpg DSCN1216.jpg DSCN1217.jpg DSCN1208.jpg
  2. OMG! Thanks for sharing! I love all of the pics, it looks very nice there =)
  3. wow!!!
    it looks so nice and peaceful!:love:it must be a lovely place to live in!
  4. Absolutely amazing pics, Cal! All those buildings are so beautiful! And you're street is very quaint.:flowers: Hope you weren't driving and shooting, lol!:roflmfao:
  5. Lol - I was on my bike (how dutch). Here's a pic, I put my 1 year old on the front and my 4 year old on the back! They love it.

    The Hague is a mid-sized city, just under 500,000 and is pretty quiet. I really enjoy living here.
  6. ^what a sporty mommy!:P
  7. Oh wow! That's a great way to travel, esp when your town is so pretty!!! And I've never seen child seats for bikes. That front one is too cute!
  8. What a beautiful city! I've ever been there but you captured the most romantic of the city for me. Wow!!
  9. i would love to go there one day.Very beautiful
  10. absolutely beautiful. It is definitely on my list of places to visit in Europe!
  11. How picturesque your neighborhood is, Cal! Each photo is more stunning than the next...a few more and you would have the makings for a very nice calendar. What an inspirational setting. Looks like an ideal spot for roaming around via bicycle. So cool of you to take the time to share!
  12. A few more pics............
    DSCN1226.jpg DSCN1230.jpg DSCN1227.jpg DSCN1229.jpg
  13. Hey I was at the Peace Palace like a month ago !! It was raining a lot that day, not quite so pretty as in your photos.

    AH to go and I were really, really good friends during my time in the Netherlands. :biggrin:
  14. Oh Cal, beautiful pictures. I can't believe you are adapting the Dutch style already, having your sons on the bike. BRAVO!!! I used to ride my bike everywhere too, until it got stolen of course. The Netherlands is beautiful in the summer. Maybe I can share a pic of our place in Amsterdam too if i can dig them out.
  15. Cal that pic of your 2 boys on the bike is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing! The little one is lucky to have that front seat view, hehe.