My neighbor woke me up today...and made me mad.

  1. and to revenge,

    i let my new bunny out (she's 2 months old! got her 2 days ago!!),

    sat in front of my computer,

    for some reason i started surfing on the net,

    clicked to enter a certain website,

    and bought my first bbag.



    i migrated from the LV forum about 3 weeks ago..and..oh my god. i can see more bbags coming. :graucho:

    p.s: I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

    and i want to show you my new rabbit. her name is Momo.

  2. what bbag did you get rensky?!

    your bunny is s:huh:Oo:huh: cute
  3. You Crazy lady!

    I was pissed off too and visited the local Mini dealership on the way back from buying my weekly groceries where I almost bought a secondhand blue John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S Convertible with all the trimmings. (I tell you this because I know that YOU will appreciate the temptation.)

    .........but I didn't get it, so you are much naughtier than me.

  4. Momo is adorable. :yes:
  5. Oh, rensky. Your rabbit is just adorable. You will become quite addicted to Bbags on this section. You will not stop at just one bag, I'm sure. But enjoy the company. We're all a bit obsessive, but also nice company for fellow fans. A warm welcome!
  6. halona: thanks!!! i adore momo..she's the cutest, and my first pet!

    jenova: oh my this case i think u're naughtier than me!!!! 30k vs ~1k? but..the electric blue is cool! and the JCW kit!! my co-worker has one and omg it's fast!

    cheshire cat: thanks!

    lizziecat: i'm eyeing the first now!:graucho:
  7. Hahaha - I see you realise that it was a car to match a bag that I haven't even got yet! We were 'obliged' to drive a Blue 07 Mini One this week when having the body kit on our real car repaired (which cost more than a bag in itself) and noticed what a great colour that blue is. ....but I didn't buy a 2nd Mini, just looked at it, so you are still the naughtier girl.

    PS - it was a very very posh 06 Mini - cost nearer to S40k - so the temptation wasn't that serious.
  8. ahahaha jenova i know exactly what u mean..
    i was going to buy a Jaune city or step...then i had to remind myself that i probably won't use it as much because of the colors in my wardrobe! but i NEARLY did! esp when i tried on the jaune step at NM! glad it didn't feel that comfortable on my shoulder. :lol:
  9. omg that bunny is sooooo cute!
  10. cute bunny. congrats on your bag!
  11. Your bunny is adorable! What's up with all the bunnies around here? Who else on the Bbag forum has a bunny - is it Tooshies? I think it is, and her bunny is so cute!!! Seriously, why do people have bunnies? Are they an easy pet to have? Do you have a dog? And this may be a silly question, but I'm asking it anyway, do you have a cat? :smile:
  12. Oh, be sure to post photos of your bag here when it comes in the mail! We love to oogle other people's Bbags!
  13. ahhhh..momo is so cute!
    and can't wait to see your new bag though.

    another Mini lover.....gosh i miss my Mini...shouldn't have sold it :sad:
  14. lovelygarments: my co-worker had me curious about owing a pet rabbit! apart from fishes, i don't have any pets! this is my first "interactive" pet...she's adorable and easy to take care of!

    about the bbag, i will post pics when it comes! im so excited!
  15. isn't she adorable? :love:

    i can't wait for my new bag to come too!!!!!!

    why did u sell ur mini???? :hysteric: