My negative Cartier experience today

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  1. I hope I don't get banned for this thread. I will not mention any SAs names here because that isn't nice. And I'll try not to make my story too long. On Sunday, I called Cartier in Boca Raton because I read on TPF of some people getting discounts on watches. I was planning on making a ballon bleu purchase very soon. So I figured it was worth a phone call. The SA I spoke to said "no discount" especially cause I'd be using the red card. So, no problem - just wanted to be thorough and get the best price. Yesterday (Tues) the same SA called me back and said I could have 5% off. But I'd still have to pay shipping and sales tax. So I called my local Cartier and the SA said he'd call me back. He told me an hour later that he'd match it and I could get the 5% discount. I went today to purchase and my SA seemed quite annoyed with me that I wasn't loyal and I was price shopping. I explained that every little bit helps and she "warmed" up slightly. BTW, I've made 3 purchases in this store - a WG Love bangle, a RG Love cuff and a 2008 charity bracelet. So when she was about to ring up, I reminded her about the 1st free service and extended warranty. She told me "No free service" with the 5% discount. If I did not ask, she had no intention of telling me. So basically, they were taking around $250 off the price but not giving me the $475 first time service for free. I feel they were putting one over on me. So I left and told them I need to discuss with husband which deal I want - 5% off or a free service. But I feel they were sneaky about the whole thing and I am not buying this watch from a Cartier boutique!
  2. You wouldn't be banned for something like this.

    Yeah, not cool that you had to say something or else you'd never know!
  3. are there any jewelers in your area that are authorized dealers, I got approx 15% off tank without even asking from authorized jeweler- they even ordered me one from cartier so that it would have never been in the case

    good luck
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  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can understand your frustration. I know you've been considering purchasing this watch for some time. Is purchasing from an authorized dealer an option? I know you wanted to use your cartier card. I forgot to tell you that I asked my SA if you could use your cartier card at the boutique in neiman marcus and she said you can't, only at the cartier stores. In the end you will save more money with a bigger discount at an AD though..
  5. I also recall a fellow tpf member recommending trying hte boutique at the wynn las vegas for a discount..
  6. UGH, what a drag. Buying something special is supposed to be, well, special. I have a Cartier store story from long ago.. a GF and I were pretty young, probably 23 or so, and she had a Cartier that she needed to have serviced. We walked into the Cartier store at South Coast Plaza and a snotty SA said "yes, what do you need", my friend explained she had a watch that needed service and the SA said "well, we only do Cartier here sorry"..assuming my friend did not have a Cartier?!?! So my friend pulled out her watch, which had been purchased by her parents for her 21st birthday, it was quite nice..suddenly the SA is all honey and cream and my friend says "wow, you are a clever one, hateful when you think I don't have a Cartier and nice when you see I do, you must be very proud"

    Anyway, all of my Cartier purchases have been made at Torneau, I have had nothing but wonderful experiences there.
  7. Wow, that is not good professional behavior.

    First of all, it is your right to shop around and find the deal that works best for YOU. Loyalty or not, if she was professional she would have never taken it personally when you are simply trying to look out for yourself. Its called being a SMART and informed shopper!

    Second, for her to offer the 5% discount to get you into the store and then try to take away your free service without even discussing the terms of the sale is beyond unprofessional. Any decent SA would have stated the terms before finalizing the sale, not wait til you fish it out of her. ugh I would never purchase another thing from this SA, even a bottle of their perfume!
  8. Thanks Bentley1 and every other person that posted here in response. I felt really bad about the whole experience. I wanted it to be "positive" and have a good feeling. I think that it was really wrong of them also to not mention that they would not give me the 1st time free service. It is like car shopping. I was planning a major purchase and looking for the best deal. Yes, we have a Tourneau that is currently being remodeled and will open soon. And there is another jeweler about 45 min. away that is an authorized dealer. So I will buy this watch elsewhere. Hopefully others will learn from my experience.
  9. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience, that is completely unacceptable. Hearing about these bad customer service stories makes me so mad and I've definitely had bad service myself. You can definitely find a better deal elsewhere.
  10. that's so appalling. Especially because you bought so much from her and in the past, too. I hope you have a better experience elsewhere.
  11. I worked at an authorized dealer (my first job) and we were giving 10% off to anyone who was asking for a better price.
    I agree this was not a good service, shame on them.
  12. Wow! That sucks and what a let-down.......hope you are able to find a great deal at another AD and get that gorgeous BB on your wrist when you're ready.
  13. Hokaplan -- sorry you have had this bad experience. I purchased my Cartier watch from Saks (authorized dealer) and got 10% off no problem, plus another 10% in Saks gift cards because they were having a promo (and they gave me 0% interest for 6 months on Saks major purchase account and they shipped it to me with no sales tax, so overall the savings were huge). I would have liked to buy from Cartier boutique, but dollars in my pocket was more important to me. I have brought the watch into Cartier NYC for some issues like sizing the band and no problems or issues with service. I have not had it officially serviced, so who knows if I will have to pay for that. You should definitely consider another AD.
  14. I'm sorry Hoka, I wish this were a reveal thread instead!
  15. wow what terrible service. im sorry you had to experience that. i called 2 cartiers and both refused to give me a discount all together. maybe its just for higher priced items? since i was looking at a $500 bracelet - but hey even 5% would me happy =)