my (nearly) 3-month old LV collection ***pic***

  1. :yahoo: i only started collecting lv last october 2006. i tell you, my love for this brand has grown by leaps and bounds. i am especially proud because some bags in this collection were paid for with my own salary (i only went back to work in october 2006, after staying ome with my daughter for 6 years!)

    anyway, just wanted to show you my little lv family. by the way, my little gucci clutch (a bday present from dh last week) wanted to join the picture.
  2. Classic pieces! Congratulations!
  3. Gorgeous collection! I adore all of your pieces :smile:
  4. I like your collection! Very nice for 3 months!
  5. That's some fast collecting!:wlae:
  6. Beautiful collection! I love Damier & Azur! I'm proud that you've paid for your own bags! I do that too! I love the feeling of being able to do so. :smile:
  7. very pretty! congrats :smile:
  8. beautiful.
    the azur are just YUM
  9. Lovely collection, don't forget to post in the reference collection thread as well ! :graucho:
  10. hey love your collection! i love your azur speedy im sooo envious :sad:
  11. thanks for the kind words, you guys.
    i will be posting in the reference thread as well.
  12. Beatiful collection. Do you mind me asking what size mono speedy is that?
  13. Beautiful family portrait!
  14. hi queen victoria! it's a speedy 30. i find it a bit too big for me now. but since it's my first lv piece, i can't part with it.
  15. :heart: ly collection