My near death experience over a bbag!!!


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Sep 28, 2006
So I am finally in possession of my very first bbag. An '05 sky blue City.

Of course, this could not be a normal occurance as everything with me is somehow dramatic. To start off with, I'm battling a horrible cold. My head feels like someone is drilling a hole to China in there. Next, my 16 month old son has been a holy terror today. Why? Because he's 16 month's old. Ya now - just because. So by 5:00pm I'd pretty much had it. No Sudafed, no Calgon, no whiskey could help me at this point. All I wanted was to sit in front of my computer and have a moments peace.

So I sat in front of my computer to check my e-mail and, voila, USPS email!!!! Could this be an e-mail saying my lovely bbag that I have been longing for is finally ready to be delivered tomorrow? I open it and here begins my near-death experience. Yes folks, I really thought I was going to die. I felt I was going to die. My blood pressure shot through the roof!!!
Why? Because I read in plain black and white on my computer screen the words that would cause me to practically have a coronary and hurl my dinner - "Item delivered 10:37am"......WHAT THE :censor: ????

"I DON'T THINK SO UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE!!!! I have been at home ALL :censor: DAY and you better believe I didn't receive my little baby."

I turned all shades of every color on God's Earth. My husband didn't even say a word because he knew I was about to go ballistic. Which I did.

I grabbed my keys and walked out IN THE RAIN onto the street in flip flops and my jammies. I began knocking on every neighbor's door on my block. If you'd know me IRL, you'd know that I'd do that in a heartbeat - I'm not shy. I arrived at my next door neighbor's house which I left for last. She answered the door and before I could get out a word handed me a beautiful brown package that was left on her doorstep unattended all day. It was mine. It was intact, and, fortunately, not wet. I thanked her profusely and ran back to my house. After I cursed the USPS and my nimrod mail carrier (apologies to anyone who may be a MC on this forum), I opened my package. I savored every moment. I haven't had this much fun since Christmas 1976 when I got my 1st Barbie dollhouse.

There it was. It is more beautiful than the pictures could ever convey. I didn't even want to touch it, but I finally smooshed the leather between my fingers. Ahhhh....heaven. I felt my blood pressure return to normal. My heart settled down. I even decided to not kill my mail carrier. I had my bbag. All was right in the world. Here are a few pics. The color is so much more beautiful than my crappy camera can show.

Thanks for ready my dopey story. The drama is over. Let the lovefest begin.:love: :love: :love:

BTW, may I just add that the seller treated this bag beautifully. It is in pristine condition. I was absolutely amazed. Pardon my jammies in the picture, but I've got my Valentino gown at the cleaners:graucho: .
bbag 0140.jpg

bbag 0102.jpg


Aug 16, 2006
Denver, Colorado
Wow, what a fabulous post. I rode that roller-coaster good and hard all the way with you! And you are right, the bag is much more gorgeous than I remember in the listing. And I stand corrected: this is a stunning color!!!!
Congrats on your very first bbag, and thanks for the wonderful intro.


Jan 8, 2006
oh fendihunter - i'm so sorry that you're feeling under the weather *hugs* and i'm so sorry that your first b-bag experience nearly killed you!!! :Push: BUT, wow!!! You have a great neighbour!!! :wlae:
Your sky blue city looks so dreamy! congrats on the new b-bag!!! :love: I hope you'll start feeling better soon so you can take your new b-bag out for a spin!!!
Jan 18, 2006
HILARIOUS story! Sounds EXACTLY like something I would do!

Enjoy the bag and I hope you feel better. I'm just getting over a sickness myself. It lasted TWO ENTIRE WEEKS! Thank GOD for the invention of the Z-Pack!


Nov 20, 2006
That's a great story! Sorry you had to go thru that though! Hope you feel better soon so you can ENJOY your new Bbag!!!


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Jul 11, 2006
*YAY* congrats... hahaha i read your story made me angry TOO... hahah :biggrin: glad it's a good ending though!


Jan 16, 2006
NYC area
Phew! My heart was beating right with you reading your story!:sweatdrop: But your beautiful bag was worth every hard knock on every door !! Congrats!


Sep 16, 2006
Great story and congrats on your new beautiful bag.

I swear the delivery guys are just crazy thesedays. You are lucky though, wasn't there a story a while ago when a neighbor stole the (misdelivered) bbag package from one of the ladies here?

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Soon the UK!
OMG I just ran all the way outside with you in your jammies and flip flops too! I swear my hair is wet from the rain!

Wonderful story and beautiful leather on that bag! And clean handles! woohoo!

And all will be right with the world now.

The mailman LIVES!


Wife,mom,purse hog!
Sep 28, 2006
Thank you Rondafaye, luvmychanel, MRG, eping, jydeals1, tods123, Oh Donna! for your well wishes. I swear I didn't mean for the story to sound funny, but, in retrospect, I guess it does sound like a 'Seinfeld' episode.

Decophile, you're lucky I don't charge for roller-coaster rides.;) All kidding aside, I'm glad you liked the color 'cause I love it to pieces.

helenNZ & print*model - thank you for hoping I get well. Vacation is 8 days away, so I hope so too.

BTW tods123, the story of that poor girl having her bag 'stolen' because of a wrong delivery kept going around in my head as I read that e-mail. Hence the elevated blood pressure.


Nov 2, 2006
LA- SouthBay
your bag is gorgeous! well worth the drama.

i'm not sure what is up with the usps. i bought a t3 blowdryer from sephoras FF sale, and it said online it was delivered saturday. But it was not!!!!!!!!! Luckily it showed up today!


Sep 14, 2005
lovely! I would KILL if this happened to me! I'm so glad you have a lovely neighbor