My Navy Patent Reissue is here!! Yaaay!!!

  1. Thank God for the fast Postal Service in Hong Kong!! I got my Navy Patent Reissue in 227 just now!! (I can’t post pics because I’m at work now! Later… Hehe!) I can’t wait to get home and try it on!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. congrats Rica! glad u've finally received it after all this while! can't wait to see pics :smile:
  3. :yahoo: Congrats~ I can't wait to see pics too!!!
  4. iqaganda,

    You got the reissue in Hong Kong?? :wtf: I never seen it in the store and my friend needed to order this from US.
  5. Puffy, I got it from USA. NO REISSUES HERE IN HK... SOOOO BADDDD!!! :sad:

    Nightshade and DollyGirl

    Thanks! I will post pics later.. Maybe after my boss goes home! Hehehe! :biggrin:
  6. Here are the photos!!! I'm still at work! Hehehe... With my Medium Classic Flap! :biggrin:
    DSC04820.JPG DSC04819.JPG
  7. Rica, just breath taking!! it about 10" in size?
  8. Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin: It's 12" in size. The 227 size. :biggrin::yahoo:
  9. Simply gorgeous!!! :love:
  10. Oh my god! I just died and went to heaven!! Simply divine!!! Now I want one!
  11. that is sooooo lovely!!!! my dream bag.
  12. Very pretty!! Congrats and Enjoy!
  13. Thanks everyone!!! I'm actually nervous because this is the first time I ordered something really expensive internationally.. Good thing it just took 4 days for shipping! Fast, right?! To think I'm from Hong Kong and the handbag is coming from USA! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Rica, it is absolutely stunning!!! :nuts:
    I'm so glad everything went well, congrats!!
  15. Its gorgeous!! I have a navy crackled patent jumbo and I wear the crap out of it. It goes with everything. Enjoy it!!!!