My Navy Patent Reissue is almost, almost here!!!

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  1. lucky you, congrats! :woohoo:
  2. Thanks guys!! I will definitely post pics of it as soon as it arrives on my doorsteps! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Then i hv to start ordering in US like what you did. What do they have in HK store right now that worth to buy? Like expandable, rock & chain, east west, huh?
  4. I don't know what it is called but they have the ones posted in such as the black backpack (I think it's a rock & chain...) and then the Patent one like this..
  5. Congrats Rica! I know how hard it is in HK to get your dream bags. Everytime when I go to Chanel boutiques I see many mainland visitors ( visitors from China) and they grabbing almost everything. I don't want a second hand bags, which is some of them I saw, cost more then brand new.
  6. congrats rica! show us when you get it =D its TDF
  7. I have it in the 226 size and it goes with everything in my closet. Love this bag to death. Congrats!
  8. wow congrats :yes:
    i thought u wrote earlier about this problem u had with ur husband and having this baby, how did u finally managed to get this pretty thing :P
  9. This bag is TDF! I've loved it since the day I saw it! Congrats!
  10. I purchased it mainly to wear with one outfit - a beautiful navy blue St. John suit with gold accents on the suit. I took the suit with me to the boutique to make sure due the price of the bag - that it was the perfect look with the suit and lucky for me it looked stunning with the suit. But no I have not had it out with anything else yet.
  11. ^ That's nice! I'm thinking it would suit best with other colors except for black??
  12. Yes, I agree - the black might absorb too much of the punch of the navy color.

    I bet it would look stunning with white suit or something....:smile:
  13. How about light pink purrrfect? Will it look good on pink?? What do you think?