My Navy Downtown...

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  1. Ok ladies, here she is. I finally took a pic of her to post. The flash lets you see that she is truly blue. Most people think she is black, which in some lights she looks it. I love her!
  2. I can't see a pic!
  3. Sorry...something isn't working right. Can't seem to get the pic to download. Any suggestions? This is new to me. Thanks!
  4. Ok let's see if this works...
  5. Oh it's lovely!! I'm new to YSL an this is a great style - is that the medium? Great choice!
  6. Thank you... and yes it is the medium. The large was just too long for me.
  7. Gorgeous shade of blue! Congrats on your bag. :tup: It's stunning...

    Since I've already got a black patent Downtown, I'm hoping that maybe the Tribute Tote will come in blue, too, so I can buy one, lol!

  8. And don't forget to post your pic in the YSL Photo Reference thread at the top of the subforum! :yes:
  9. This is the first time I've ever seen the navy and it's really lovely. Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  10. Congratulations! It's gorgeous. Love the color. Lately I'm really crazy about everything in navy and this is just stunning!
  11. I havent seen the blue before, it looks so pretty. Congrats!
  12. there is nothing prettier than a blue bag, and yours is gorgeous!:heart:
  13. labellavida13, your navy Downtown is absolutely beautifully!! :love:

    Cosmopolitan, how did you make the picture so big?:confused1:
  14. Thank you...thank you...thank you all for your kind words!
  15. that color is too, too gorgeous!