My NAP item broke!!!

  1. So my boyfriend bought several items for me from Net A Porter for Xmas, one of which was a M by MJ clutch/wristlet. I've worn the bag three times, including today, when the wrist part broke! The stitching simply came right out and the whole leather piece came off the zipper! We were both pretty annoyed, so he called customer service and spoke to some lady who said she'd have someone else call us back. So far no returned phone call….

    Has anyone else ever had this happen? Is NAP likely to fix this for us? I don't believe they have the item in stock anymore and would like to keep it, but I feel they should definitely compensate me in some way.
  2. I would definitely notify them! Christmas was only 3 days ago, no excuse for that breaking already!
  3. He called them today, but the lady just said someone would call us back and never did.

    I think I'd like to keep the clutch and just have it repaired if they don't have another, but is it too much to ask for 20% off my next order?
  4. I've had nothing but bad luck with NAP.
  5. Maybe you could try email? Otherwise call back and be a little more firm explaining that you have tried to call them twice before and were told they'd call back and never did. You probably also have protection with your credit card company if NAP fails to correct the situation.
    I've always had good luck with them. Good luck!
  6. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. :sad:

    I've had problems with faulty NAP-bought items before, too, but they've only ever offered me a full refund; never a partial refund, even for sold-out items.
  7. I had a problem with a bag I bought from NAP 2 weeks after receiving it, I called them and they also said that someone would call me back. I receive a call after 5 days, they offered to repair the bag which took around 6 weeks (if I correctly remember).
  8. I'd ask to speak directly with the Manager.

    And No.....20% is NOT unreasonable.
  9. Assuming your boyfriend put the purchase on his credit card, if I were him I'd write my credit card company to notify them he's contesting the charge and 'cc' Net-a-Porter. NAP should have taken the call right away, but I think 24 hours would be a reasonable amount of time to wait for a return call before contesting the charge. Companies that should be customer service oriented are becoming more and more complacent, and will continue to do so until customers put their foot down and don't accept sub-par treatment. NAP should pay the postage for the return and give you a full credit for the defective item. Just as customer service and regard for customers is becoming worse and worse over time, so is the quality of merchandise. Customers need to take a stand and let these retailers know what's unacceptable.
  10. What a downer, to have your new Christmas present fall apart like that! That's terrible. Raise a stink until you get what you want. NAP, or any retailer, should not be treating a customer like that. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  11. Well, someone called us back yesterday but we're both REALLY sick and never picked up the call. I'm going to try back today and see if anyone's around. The boyfriend thinks I should call because I'm meaner!:hysteric:

    I'll update later and let you know what their response was.
  12. So I called back today but the person who had left the message wasn't in. I talked to another woman who told me she'd have someone call me Wednesday to see if we can work something out as the item is now out of stock. However, she said they never do coupons and that they'll probably only offer to take the bag back and give me a credit for the purchase price which seems like BS to me!! I like the bag, but it is BROKEN! Compensate me in some way!!!!
  13. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well on top of everything need your full mental capacities to fight these bonehead customer service people!!!